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Predictive Maintenance in the German Industry

News // Festo AX

"Predictive Maintenance will become the norm in 10 years" — this is one of the results of the Reichelt Elektronik survey zon the topic of predictive maintenance in industry. Already 78% of German companies rely on Predictive Maintenance in manufacturing. The reasons and advantages for this are obvious, because:

  • production failures and downtimes are minimised.
  • maintenance work can be planned in a targeted manner.
  • machine parts are only replaced when they are really defective.
  • the effectiveness of the machines or the entire production increases.
  • the quality of production is increased.

Intelligent production processes are no longer a vision, but a reality. Thanks to SCRAITEC, our Artificial Intelligence Solution, you can analyse complex data volumes in real time. Deviations from the normal state of your machines are detected at an early stage.

Are you already benefiting from intelligent production processes?
We will be happy to advise you on your individual solution. Together we will look at your specific application and show you how you can use your data with SCRAITEC to optimise your production. Contact us now!

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