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AI Solution Festo AX – optimising industrial production in real time

Festo AX uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect deviations from the normal state of your production at an early stage. You avoid downtimes, reduce energy costs and increase efficiency.

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Use Cases – Make decisions based on facts

Predictive Maintenance

Festo AX supports you to detect deviations from the normal state of your machines at an early stage. Maintenance can be planned, spare parts provided and unexpected downtimes avoided.

Predictive Energy

Festo AX analyses the energy demand of your machines and optimises energy use. Costs for energy are reduced, e.g. by avoiding peak loads.

Predictive Quality

Festo AX ensures the quality of your production and reduces waste. By analysing complex relationships between parameters, Festo AX provides recommendations for you.

Optimise your production with Festo AX!

Artificial intelligence in real time

You get to know immediately when an anomaly occurs.

From edge to cloud

Festo AX runs flexibly in your preferred environment.


Festo AX combines algorithms with your existing knowledge.

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More features
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Your benefits with Festo AX

Increased productivity (OEE)

by ensuring and optimising your production in terms of availability, performance and quality.


Effective use of resources

due to consistent product quality – Hence: no quality loss, less waste, more efficient production.


Improved plannability of maintenance

Meaning: no unplanned downtime and no production delays.


Reduced production and energy costs

through the optimal setting of all relevant parameters.


Increased daily output

by monitoring and and identifying bottlenecks and optimising cycle times.

All information at a glance

All relevant information, e.g. the global health of the machine, is visualized by Festo AX in real time.

More benefits

Festo AX – more productivity with AI!

Learn more about the use of AI in industrial production in our white paper. The AI Solution Festo AX supports you ...

  • to ensure the product quality (Predictive Quality)
  • minimising energy costs (Predictive Energy)
  • to avoid unplanned downtimes (Predictive Maintenance)

Benefit from our many years of experience with AI projects. Request your white paper now!

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