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Optimise manufacturing with SCRAITEC

Be successful with AI

SCRAITEC is an AI solution for the intelligent interpretation of complex data sets in real time. With the help of machine learning, SCRAITEC detects deviations from the normal state of your production at an early stage and optimises your manufacturing processes based on the data. You learn about breakdowns, wear and tear or an increased energy demand at an early stage and can prepare yourself accordingly. 

In addition, as an OEM, you have the option of equipping your products with SCRAITEC in order to offer your customers new AI-based added value. By marketing intelligent products, not only you benefit from AI, but also your customer. Tap the full potential of your data. Find out which features and sustainable benefits our AI Solution offers your company.

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Information about SCRAITEC

At a glance

  • Real-time artificial intelligence
    SCRAITEC analyses the live data in real-time. What does that mean for you? You get the information you need as soon as an anomaly occurs. No waiting. No latency. Giving you the time you need to get things in order before anything even goes wrong.
  • Flexible integration into all systems
    The application can be easily integrated into third-party components and machines by adopting common protocols such as OPC-UA, MQTT and many more.
  • On Premises | Cloud | Hybrid
    SCRAITEC can be operated on your servers (on premises), in the cloud or as a hybrid. We support you in your preferred environment!
  • Human-in-the-loop: Integrating your expert knowledge
    SCRAITEC doesn’t just get its intelligence from our algorithms. Your valuable knowledge helps SCRAITEC to learn more about the state of your assets, ensuring continuous learning and enhancement of the algorithms. Was the anomaly detected part of its healthy state, or e.g. a leak in the compressed air supply? Your feedback i.e. classification of anomalies and recommended course of action means that the next time the anomaly occurs the person that gets the notification knows exactly which asset is involved, what has happened and what they must do next. Put simply: SCRAITEC keeps the “human-in-the-loop”.
  • Your data is solely your data!
    The data we collect is exclusively owned by our customers and used as agreed upon.
  • Reduced downtime on the shopfloor
    due to predictive maintenance.
    Hence: no unplanned stand stills, no production delays, no contractual penalties towards your customers
  • Reduced energy costs
    due to optimal energy consumption
  • Increased daily output
    by monitoring and identifying bottlenecks and optimising cycle times
  • Reduced rejected goods
    due to consistent product quality.
    Hence: no quality loss, less waste, more efficient production 
  • Reduced production costs
    due to the optimal setup of adjustable control parameters
  • All the information you need at your fingertips
    customised to your needs, with SCRAITEC visualisation

Flexible deployment

SCRAITEC's modular software architecture makes intelligence available everywhere and adapts seamlessly to your requirements in terms of IT infrastructure, security, scalability and performance. Doing so creates highly flexible solutions. SCRAITEC consists of:

    SCRAIBRAIN is the central component of SCRAITEC. It is here that both data management and data connectivity are controlled and the computationally intensive training of AI models is carried out. SCRAIBRAIN can be operated in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid solution of both approaches.

    SCRAIFIELD is the locally scalable component on which the AI models monitor your machine data. The monitored data is either analysed by a SCRAIFIELD instance on site (edge computing) or transmitted directly to the control centre. This means that even large amounts of data can be analysed in real time. By minimising data transfer, you save time and costs.

  • SCRAITEC User Interface
    SCRAITEC UI is the user interface of SCRAITEC which communicates with the SCRAIBRAIN: The results of the data analysis are visualised using a wide variety of widgets. Depending on the user role, data interfaces, protocols and algorithm parameters, among other things, can be intuitively configured. Rights management and data transfer with TLS ensure maximum security for your data.

Predictive Maintenance

SCRAITEC supports you in detecting deviations from the normal state, so-called anomalies, of your assets at an early stage. Maintenance can be planned, spare parts can be ordered as needed and unexpected downtime can be avoided.

Predictive Quality

SCRAITEC learns complex relationships between production-relevant parameters and exogenous influencing factors, such as the ambient temperature. If necessary, parameters are adjusted so that quality is ensured and waste is avoided.

Predictive Energy

Through a continuous analysis of the energy demand and the calculation of power averages, the energy use can be optimised. For example, load peaks are avoided, which reduces the costs for energy and consequently production. 


Adds AI to your assets

Have we sparked your interest? Our flyer gives you an overview of SCRAITEC. Benefit from our many years of experience. We will be happy to contact you to discuss your requirements.

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