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AI Solution Festo AX in action

Whether predictive maintenance, predictive quality or predictive energy – you too can benefit from our decades of experience in machine learning and the implementation of AI projects.

Early detection of unplanned machine downtime

The challenge:

Avoiding production stand stills is a big challenge for many manufacturers. Festo AX helps you overcome this challenge.

The solution:

The data produced by your assets is sent directly to Festo AX and processed by algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning straight away (real time analytics). You are notified as soon as the data differs from the “healthy state” of the asset (anomaly detection). The notification informs you of the sensors involved and even provides a recommended course of action. Of course, Festo AX also still needs your knowledge: classify the anomaly so that the software knows how to react next time the same anomaly occurs - improving the algorithms and also avoiding unwanted notifications (human-in-the-loop).

The result:

Anomalies are detected very early on, meaning that unexpected downtime can be avoided, spare parts are at the ready and maintenance can be carried out without having any negative impact on your production.

Quality assurance and optimisation with AI

The challenge:

Manufacturing processes are set up to produce the best results yet rejects occur time and time again. Festo AX helps you to avoid quality loss, thus reducing the amount of rejects you produce.

The solution

Festo AX learns the complex correlations between process parameters and exogenous influencing factors – such as ambient temperatures – and proactively alerts the process expert of impending quality losses by analysing the process data in real time.

The result:

The system calculates which process parameters are responsible for the quality loss and how they must be adjusted in order to achieve the defined product quality again. Thus, ensuring consistent quality and avoiding rejects all together.

Optimised energy consumption

The challenge:

The efficient use of energy is a complex and demanding task. Load peaks are often exceeded, so that costs rise unnecessarily. Festo AX supports you by optimising the use of energy.

The solution:

Festo AX enables you to optimise energy use in terms of costs and efficiency. For this purpose, the energy flows are measured and analysed in real time (energy monitoring). The system generates a warning message at an early stage if the energy demand of a system increases or decreases abnormally. In doing so, cost-relevant load peaks can be avoided, energy wastage prevented and energy consumption made more efficient.

The result:

Through a continuous analysis of the energy demand (energy monitoring) and the calculation of average power values, the energy use is optimised and efficiency is increased. For example, proactive measures can be implemented to switch off relevant consumers, to connect own generators or to restructure production before load peaks are exceeded. The result: efficient energy use, lower costs for energy and production.

Festo AX – more productivity with AI!

Learn more about the use of AI in industrial production in our white paper. The AI Solution Festo AX supports you ...

  • to ensure the product quality (Predictive Quality)
  • minimising energy costs (Predictive Energy)
  • to avoid unplanned downtimes (Predictive Maintenance)

Benefit from our many years of experience with AI projects. Request your white paper now!

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