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What are the benefits of Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Energy and Predictive Quality?

During production, data streams are generated that Festo AX can use to your advantage. The software helps you with ...

  • continuous quality monitoring (predictive quality),
  • optimised energy management (predictive energy)
  • or avoiding unplanned downtimes (predictive maintenance).

You save costs, open up new business models and optimise your production.

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The benefits of Festo AX – Profit from AI!

Reduced production and energy costs

through the optimal setting of all relevant parameters.

Distinction from competition

through technological progress and innovation leadership.

Increased productivity (OEE)

by ensuring and optimising your production in terms of availability, performance and quality.

Effective use of resources

due to consistent product quality – hence: no quality loss, less waste, more efficient production.

Improved plannability of maintenance

Meaning: no unplanned downtime and no production delays.

Extended service life of your machine

through optimised maintenance – e.g.: Machine parts are only replaced if they are really defective.

Increased daily output

by monitoring and and identifying bottlenecks and optimising cycle times.

All the information at a glance

All relevant information, e.g. the global health of the machine, is visualized by Festo AX in real time.

Low investment risk

We are working together in pilot projects on targeted applications.

Minimising latency

thanks to the analysis directly at your machine (edge analytics). Anomalies are detected immediately.

Optimised data transfer

through cost savings in the use of cloud-based services by minimising data transfer.

Seamless integration

into your system architecture. Festo AX can easily integrate into your architectures and interact with existing systems (e.g. ERP or databases).

Ensuring data sovereignty

Your data remains your property.

Facilitating new business models

You can equip your machine with Festo AX and offer them to the market as a new AI-based solution or as an "all-round carefree package".

Festo AX – Adds AI to your assets!

Have we piqued your interest? Our white paper gives you an overview of how to optimise your production using artificial intelligence with Festo AX. Profit from our many years of experience.

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