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SCRAITEC & Festo AX in action


SCRAITEC & Festo AX in action

SCRAITEC and Festo work hand in hand!
We developed a demonstrator in cooperation with Festo to present our SCRAITEC software solution to our guests in a more hands-on approach. The aim is to simulate the normal and incorrect behaviour of a machine so that our AI solution SCRAITEC can be tested under real conditions. Our apprentice Lukas took on the task of setting it up and using it. Lukas has been training as an IT specialist for application development since 2019 and is actively involved in the planning and development of state-of-the-art software solutions.

Structure of the demonstrator
Our demonstrator consists of a wide variety of Festo components. A pneumatic system is used to simulate a press. The Festo Automation Experience (AX) component, which is based on SCRAITEC, learns the normal state of the system using ML algorithms. Lukas was thus able to create running profiles of the piston, for example. The data streams are sent via several IoT gateways to the local network as well as the cloud.

SCRAITEC in action
Anomalies, i.e. faults such as pressure fluctuations of the piston, can be simulated manually via Festo AX and fed into the machine. As the data is sent to the SCRAIBRAIN in real time, it is possible to determine the "out-of-round" process of the machine as quickly as possible. The anomaly is simultaneously visualised in the SCRAITEC UI. There, the detected anomalies can be classified by human input.