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Key Features at a glance

For innovative AI solutions in industrial enviroments

SCRAITEC can be installed on premises, via cloud or as a hybrid solution of both approaches.

On Premises | Cloud | Hybrid

The modular structure of SCRAITEC allows great flexibility in the software architecture:

  • On Premises: In an On Premises solution, the learning of the models takes place in one of your computing instances. The instance communicates with the local component on the plant or machine and provides information for the user interface.
  • Cloud: The key component of SCRAITEC runs in a cloud. This enables a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
  • Hybrid: SCRAITEC's components are operated on premises and in the cloud. For example, complex computing tasks can be outsourced to scalable cloud instances for model training.
SCRAITEC evaluate the data directly at the plant.

Edge Analytics

While the complex training of the models is performed on the key component of SCRAITEC, the learned model evaluates the data at the plant directly on the edge component. This means that even large data sets and high-frequency data volumes are no obstacle.

Further advantages:

  • Better scalability
  • Cost savings through the use of cloud-based services by minimizing data transfer
  • Latency minimization

You are completely free to choose the hardware for the edge component: there are minimal hardware and software requirements to ensure smooth operation.

SCRAITEC uses gained data to train your model.

Data management

Data connection
Connect your plant via industrial standard protocols using intuitive configuration. You can flexibly configure where the data comes from and where the analysis results are sent to. This allows you to record, visualize and analyze the data of your plants.

Data sets
You can use the collected data or data sets from other systems as a learning basis for the AI. Therefore, the data record management with all the necessary functions is available:

  • Data overview
  • Feature selection
  • Annotating data
SCRAITEC gets indivually adapted to your needs.

Parameterizable artificial intelligence

You can optimize the algorithms integrated in SCRAITEC for your application by setting individual parameters. We supply an optimal default parameter preset for you. Depending on your needs, you can easily adjust these in SCRAITEC UI yourself. You do not need in-depth data science knowledge to do this.

Various visualization tools are available to illustrate your analysis results.

Global Health & SCRAITEC Visualization tools

The learned digital model observes, interprets and evaluates the incoming data of your system in real-time. The results of the predictive maintenance and the predictive quality analysis are available to you in a single visualized value: the Global Health. When the value is in a critical area, which you can define, an anomaly is triggered and a notification is sent.

SCRAITEC offers you further useful visualization tools. Make trends, patterns and correlations in your data visible. In this way you gain new insights.

SCRAITEC automatically notifies you about important events.

Notification service

With the notification function, you can document, archive, manage and pass on the most important activities. Anomaly notifications are particularly important in this context: A notification including the following functionalities is generated for each anomaly detection:

  • Data visualization of the anomaly
  • Automatic root cause analysis
  • Diagnostic and classification tool
SCRAITEC analysis problems up to their cause.

Root cause analysis

A cause evaluation is automatically generated for every abnormal behaviour of your plant. It shows which measuring points are crucial for the anomaly messages present. The additional visualization of the data supports you in getting to the bottom of the anomalies and recognizing important correlations.

SCRAITEC connects artificial intelligence with human knowledge.

Human in the Loop

SCRAITEC automatically detects anomalies in your systems and makes them available for manual diagnosis and classification. Detected anomalies can be classified, for example, as a down time or maintenance requirement. Thus, the additional integration of experience and knowledge of your technicians, engineers and so on creates a constantly growing knowledge base of SCRAITEC algorithms.

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