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With our Artifical Intelligence Solution SCRAITEC to success!

Artificial Intelligence Solution SCRAITEC

Artificial Intelligence in real-time

The digital transformation in the industrial environment is progressing steadily. Anyone who wants to be successful in this process, relies on AI-based data analysis in production in order to automatically optimise processes or develop new digital business models.

Our Artificial Intelligence Solution SCRAITEC provides you with tools for developing your own AI solutions - across all industries and flexible scalable:

  • Data connection via modern control-specific communication protocols that can be configured in SCRAITEC UI without additional programming effort.
  • Data management aims to prepare and manage the data sets required for machine learning.
  • Parameterization of algorithms, without in-depth data science knowledge.
  • Model training with your individual parameterization of algorithms and own data sets.
  • Real-time analysis takes place on the Edge component. The trained model observes, interprets and evaluates the live data in real-time.

SCRAITEC uses the results of the analysis for your own systems or visualises them in the SCRAITEC User Interface.

Do you want to learn more? Take a look at our key features and the architecture of SCRAITEC: