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Problem solver at field level

News // Festo AX

Problem solver at field level

Markt&Technik: What tasks does the Resolto AI perform in the Festo controller and motor controller?

Tanja Krüger: Both devices can now be expanded with machine learning algorithms from Resolto and then offer intelligent process monitoring. At SPS IPC Drives, Festo and Resolto will be presenting their first joint AI solution, namely for handling batteries when faulty samples are detected. A handling portal lifts the batteries in the process. The Resolto AI monitors the motor currents and position values of the axis in the controller. If any anomalies occur, for example if the handling system detects a battery that is too heavy or reaches into the empty space, a message is generated and sent via the Festo IoT gateway to the cloud, which serves as the central monitoring instance. At Festo, the cloud is called "My Dashboards"; at other manufacturers, it can also be the company's own portal or SCADA interface, which access the interpreted data from the AI via a REST interface (Representational State Transfer).

We are showing this AI solution as a first example of the new generation of industrial AI that interprets data directly at the machine and will bring significantly more transparency to manufacturers and operators alike in the future.

Are there already other shared use cases?

Tanja Krüger:Further shared use cases are already being planned and implemented. In the future, for example, the algorithms will also be able to trigger actions independently, such as stopping machines, optimising their setting values or rejecting faulty parts. Together with Festo, we will provide more and more ready-made application models for AI.

How is your AI software distributed across such systems?

Tanja Krüger: Our AI software "Resolto Prognos" consists of two components; one is called "Field", the other "Brain". Field always runs close to the machine, for example in a small controller. A pre-trained model is used that only makes minimal demands on hardware and reliably interprets data streams even without any data connection to the central component (Brain) located in the cloud.

In future, customers will be able to use Festo's IoT gateways as "field" hardware to have their machines and systems monitored without any data transmission and to pursue a wide variety of objectives. If required, the IoT gateways connect to the cloud "My Dashboards", in which a "Brain" with access to many pre-configured application models is embedded.

Monitoring and optimising machines is the state of the art applicable now, but we are already working on even more powerful algorithms that can train themselves at the field level. This is very interesting for collaborative robotics.


Note: Our AI Solution is now called "Festo AX".